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The Airsled range of products have been helping to solve load moving problems preventing damage and injury for many organisations worldwide.

An Airsled system works like a hovercraft, lifting and floating heavy loads on a cushion of air.

How Does It Work?

The secret is placing and keeping a micro-thin cushion of air under the load to then move it almost effortlessly. It will take the force of 1% of the weight of the load to move it. For example, a fridge weighing around 200kg can be easily and safely moved by a operator using just one finger!

Using one or more air beams of various widths and lengths, a specially designed blower inflates the air beams forcing air through the holes underneath and lifting the load about 3cms from the floor. It is literally floating on a micro-cushion of air and it now can be moved easily and safely.

The air beams are constructed from thin aluminium plates covered with a neoprene fabric perforated on the underside. This means with the adaptors, the system can work equally as well on rough surfaces as well as on carpets.

How Much Does It Lift?

The core range systems lift up to 640 kilos. We also have custom build ( bespoke) systems for heavier or special lifting needs and these can move up to 9000 kilos.

What Is A System?

The Core range systems come with 2 aluminium air beams, a Vac’n Blow power unit with safety damper valves and carry strap, 4 surface adaptors, hose and vacuum attachments and 2 carry bags.

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